Beach Umbrella Reviews

We all know that you need to protect yourself on the beach from the sun. It wouldn’t do to play around without a care on the first day and then spend the rest of your vacation time with red, painful peeling skin. Even worse, the more senior and the very young members of your family need protection from heatstroke. The sun can harm if you’re not paying attention. You need some sort of shade on the beach so that you can rest in between playing around and diving into the waters.

And when going to the beach, does any thought come to mind than the classic beach umbrella? Under the shade, with a cold drink, nothing else so completely symbolizes luxury and ease. It just works. Get a big wide canopy over your head and relax.  Wide-open beach umbrella clearance around you means nothing that may get in your way when it’s your time to have fun out in the sands.

There’s no need to overthink things. Before you buy a beach umbrella, take a look at this selection of some of the best sun umbrellas for beachgoers that we have found for you.

Sport-Brella Super-Brella SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella

The Sport-Brella Super Brella is a large cabana-style beach umbrella that probably fits all your needs. It has great ventilation. It’s wide and roomy to fit two adults in beach chairs.

Its high-endurance polyester canopy is treated with a UV coating that blocks over 99.5% of all UV rays. It sticks into the ground well and its tent-like side walls can be pinned to the ground for even more wind resistance. This eight foot beach umbrella is particularly voluminous, able to fit three people and will protect you well from the sun, wind, and rain.

The canopy has limited options for coloring though.

  • High sun protection factor

  • Side flaps for more shade

  • Zippered side windows

  • Ground stakes for stability

  • Only comes in blue with a white underside

  • Still a bit long in packaged form


Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp

The Sport-Brella Versa-Brella is perhaps the most versatile compact beach umbrella. While most other umbrellas and tents are made to stick onto the ground, the Versa-Brella is designed to clamp onto any tube or flat surface. Beach chairs? Secured. Tables? Get a portable umbrella over that for shade so that you don’t have to squat and eat off the ground like a barbarian. With a four-way 360-degree swivel, this tilting beach umbrella can adjust to any angle to block out the sun and to whatever height is most convenient to you.

This lightweight beach umbrella is perfect for any outdoor activity, attach it to a golf bag, hand truck, baby stroller, bicycle racks, or even benches for instant sun and wind protection. A portable beach umbrella like this is a great addition for all manner of work and play, no matter where you are.

The Versa-Brella has an asymmetrical shape that’s a bit longer than it is wide. This makes it also great as a portable roof for wheelchairs.

It comes in a rich variety of colors and patterns, from black/white, camo, stippled blue, solid firebrick red, gray, and more.

  • High sun protection factor

  • 360 degrees swivel

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Can securely clamp onto many surfaces

  • Not a very big umbrella as far as beach umbrellas go

  • Must clamp onto something, can’t be stuck into the ground


BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System

The Beachbub All-in-One is a heavy-duty wind resistant beach umbrella tested up to 35 mph of wind. It was lauded in July 2016 Consumer Reports Magazine as one of the “Beach Umbrellas That Won’t Blow Away”. It comes with a sand gopher tool to make digging into a super stable depth in the sand so much easier, and also a shovel to make the kids pitch in. Then once you’ve staked it in, there’s even a fold-up sand bag to make sure the pole is secured above ground level rather than just the regular spike sand anchor for beach umbrella scheme. This thing just won’t blow away for anything.

This sturdy beach umbrella is a standout among other heavy duty beach umbrellas for its pole being made of strong and rust-free aluminum while the structural ribbing is made of stainless steel and fiberglass. With little avenues for corrosion, this is a contender among the top durable umbrellas on the beach.

At seven and a half feet wide, it’s large enough for a pair of beach chairs or the whole family. The unprecedentedly stable footing of this beach umbrella stand can support a tray table to keep your food and belongings organized (sold separately).

The canopy is a deep, sunray and heat-absorbing blue.

  • Extraordinarily windproof beach umbrella

  • Comes with useful extras like sand gophers and towel hooks

  • Oversized multipurpose carrying bag

  • Not a cheap umbrella by any means

  • A bit longer to set up than other windproof beach umbrellas

  • Somewhat more expensive


Sport-Brella XL Vented SPF 50+ Sun and Rain Canopy

The Sport Brella XL Vented Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella* is already feature-packed, but now it also becomes a choice for the best beach umbrella for wind steadiness. The venting holes in the underside of the beach UV umbrella canopy allows winds to exit out of overlapping waterproof vents at the top. Alongside the ventilation windows on the side, air would be less likely to get trapped inside this large cabana style travel beach umbrella.

Furthermore, its fabric is made of out of stronger 210 D Polyester for long-lasting protection. Its sun protection remains UPF 50+ blocking 99.5% of harmful solar radiation. At 9 feet wide, the Sport-Brella XL offers full cover protection that gives you instant portable sun shade whatever activity you prefer. It’s excellent too for picnics, sports and field events.

The canopy comes in solid-color steel blue or deep red.

  • Quite large

  • Quite inexpensive for its size

  • Rugged fabric construction

  • Steel pole anchor tip

  • Not as usable on concrete and other hard surfaces

  • Perhaps a bit too big for personal use cases

  • Only two flat color options


Abba Patio 7 Feet Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor

This collapsible beach umbrella possesses perhaps the best beach umbrella anchor system. Its telescoping steel pole contains an integrated sand anchor tip ending with an auger drill bit to truly punch into the ground, A built-in handle to twist the pole around makes it easy to entrench even seven foot beach umbrella poles. A red band on the lower pole conveniently marks the recommended depth. The drill head is built into the pole anchor section and is not removable.

Other features include 50+ sun protection and even a zippered net pouch for storing light belongings like sunglasses, papers, and pens, headphones, wallets, etc. It’s even a tilting beach umbrella with a tilting mechanism approximately six feet up from the tip of the auger bit. The full height of the umbrella is 7.4 feet, with a tilt angle of up to 45 degrees. This allows it to compact down to something half the size that you can carry on your back. A 7-ft umbrella tends to be much more portable than 9 ft beach umbrellas while still large enough to throw shade onto two chairs and a table in between, or the whole family.

While its pole is reasonably able to stand up to the wind, its outer umbrella heavy duty credentials are somewhat marred by its ribs being made of rust-free fiberglass instead of steel.

The canopy colors available are turquoise; multicolor with bands of red, yellow, blue and orange; or jade-like striped color with blue and green.

  • Good fabric with different color options

  • Inexpensive for its size

  • Innovative sand anchor system

  • Very stable sand umbrella

  • Only usable on sand and ground surfaces

  • Not as wind resistant as it could be


Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

This Tommy Bahama Sun Shelter is another feature-rich lightweight beach umbrella with a sand anchor with emphasis on the lighter weight. The construction is aluminum and fiberglass, minimizing weight and maximizing portability without compromising on strength. It has a wide screw tip to anchor into the ground and it’s even a vented canopy too to resist winds. At seven feet wide it’s a decent size and has a tilt function to match the sun or wind angle as the day changes.

The screw head, however, is made of tough plastic, not metal, so you can’t actually use it to drill into anything but the softest beach sand. The Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella anchor head is designed to more effectively bite into the soil around it, providing resilience against gusts that blow against the canopy.

All in all, the decisions made to improve ease of carrying don’t compromise much against its strength and stability. It’s still a good all-around easy-installation portable sun canopy for beach-goers.

The canopy colors offered include tasteful shades of blue or an eye-catching rainbow series of bands.

  • Lightweight, durable materials

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Canopy wind vents

  • Sand anchor system

  • Only usable on soft soils, limited usefulness on grassy fields

  • Screw head not usable as a ground drill

  • No extra digging apparatus included in accessories

  • Not as durable as similar beach anchor umbrellas made of stainless steel


PHI VILLA 15ft Patio Umbrella Double-Sided Outdoor

HUGE. There simply isn’t any other portable beach umbrella that can compete with the PHI VILLA 15-foot bed bath and beyond beach umbrella when it comes to giving you the widest best beach shade possible. Made with durable 180G Polyester fabric, it’s waterproof and UV protected with 99% protection through its composite layer construction. It is large enough to cover a dining table and six to eight chairs.

You’d think this monster of a beach umbrella would have issues with wind and upright stability, but that’s where stands out against even lesser competitors that dare call themselves big beach umbrellas. Other beach umbrella tent systems anchor themselves to the ground with spikes and tie-down stakes. This makes them particularly useless if you want to locate the big umbrella to somewhere else that needs shade – like a patio or a swimming pool, for example.

The PHI VILLA 15-foot instead stands on a cross-shaped umbrella brace that itself is supported by the included sand bags made of highly durable 300D Oxford fabric for rock-solid footing. Each sandbag can contain 100 pounds of sand or gravel as a patio umbrella stabilizer. Its height is adjustable to deal with different wind and rain conditions.

Not even its size hinders its setup time. With a built-in easy crank design, you can open or close the umbrella within 5 seconds. Its 5 + 2 + 5 structural rib design made of high-quality steel ensures long life and resistance to deformation.

This is perhaps the best travel umbrella for not just the beach, but the back yard, balcony, garden, or commercial areas. However, while it is a wind-resistant umbrella its sheer size means that while it is maybe the best umbrella for sun protection is not quite meant for bad weather conditions. Always fold it up when not in use.

The canopy comes in several stylish matte solid colors – beige, blue, and red – that would integrate well with home exteriors or make easy to spot on sports fields.

  • Astoundingly large umbrella

  • Integrated crank system makes unfolding easy

  • Very stable footing

  • Usable on any flat surface; sand, concrete, wood, no problem

  • Need to spend time filling sandbags for maximum stability

  • Perhaps too large for most use cases

  • Lacks tilt function


ONIVA – a Picnic Time Brand Outdoor Canopy Sunshade Umbrella 5.5′

The ONIVA picnic time outdoor canopy sunshade umbrella is a no-nonsense baby beach umbrella. At 5 feet 5 inches it’s not a small umbrella, but it’s more than enough for any personal situation or to keep young children out of the sun. With its two-piece telescoping pole with an anchor spike and tilt function, there’s no messing around with setup. Just stick it into the ground, open the canopy, and you’re done.

It has the usual features like high SPF rated fabric and beach umbrella bag, which for this size is a very backpack portable beach umbrella. It comes in a sleek flat shade of color (or black) that looks substantially more stylish than the more rainbow-colored umbrellas you may find on the beach. The dark fabric prevents more sunlight from leaking through, reducing heat and glare.

The best umbrella for sun protection may just be one that’s more understated than flamboyant.

  • Simplistic and stylish

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Tilt function

  • Good for personal use only

  • Not suited for windy conditions


MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella, 6.5ft Sand Anchor with Tilt Aluminum Pole

The MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella is a mid-size collapsible beach umbrella that is sufficient for two people while remaining nice and portable. For the price, it’s packed with high-end features like all-metal construction, made of rust-free strong but lightweight aluminum with strong fiberglass support ribs. It has a top air vent design to let out hot air and improved stability in windy conditions.

It even has an integrated sand anchor, a screw-like bit at the end of its pole spike to deeply dig and secure itself into the sand. And of course, it has UPF 50+ UV resistance fabric coating.

The screw tip is not usable for drilling, just getting that extra bite into the ground. A welcome addition nonetheless.

The canopy comes in alternating bands of bright colors to reflect heat and offers effectively 100% protection from strong sun rays with its UV 50+ rated fabric.

  • High stability beach umbrella

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Tilt function

  • Fiberglass rib supports

  • Sand anchor is not an actual drill shape, just drill-like

  • Two-color fabric doesn’t look all that high class or suitable for other venues than the beach or garden


BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch Large Oversize Double Canopy

While it might sound strange to list a sporting umbrella in a list of beach umbrellas, sometimes you just really need an umbrella that you can use while walking around in the sun or in the rain. The BAGAILS Golf Umbrella is a professional grade umbrella designed specifically to give the best UV protection umbrella to people who make it their careers to stay out in the sun. They can’t afford to let the sun harm their flow, and neither should you.

In sizes from 58 to 68 inches, you can choose whatever size is most handy for you. Though its supporting ribs are made of fiberglass, these are specially constructed and tested to resist strong winds of up to 55 miles per hour. With a double vented canopy design, it strongly resists the old stereotype of an umbrella turning inside-out. Its high-quality fabric is strongly waterproof and very fast to dry. It is made of pongee fabric, a finely woven fabric that has superior qualities to polyester and more like silk in its resistance to breaking and waterproofing.

The ergonomic rubberized grip handle grants a steady hold under any conditions. While it isn’t one that is made to secure against the ground, it can fit onto clamp on beach umbrella bases sold separately and may then very easily affix onto carts and vehicles.

Shade umbrella for sports tends to be built to higher standards. Also, it comes in a variety of lavish styles and colors.

  • Wind resistant beach sport umbrella

  • Made of special high-quality fabric

  • Very sun and waterproof

  • Professional grade

  • A handheld sun umbrella, not an anchored beach umbrella

  • One person only