When someone says, “Beach trip!” what is the one thing that everyone has to make sure to pack besides sunblock, a book (or toys, if you are a child) and plenty of water to quench your thirst? That’s right, a beach blanket! No trip to the hot, sandy shore and the accompanying cool water is complete without one.

Beach blankets are, in a word, versatile. Most people will spread them out on the sand to provide a safe place to sit or lie down in the sun while you relax, or they will use beach blankets to dry off after a swim. Beach blankets can, in a pinch, be used as makeshift table cloths (you do not know what germs could be lurking on those picnic tables, or if those stains are food stains or something much more unpleasant). Parents are familiar with using them to cover car seats after their children have spent all day splashing around and running around – it makes cleaning up the car when you get home a little easier. Pet owners have also made use of beach blankets as seat covers when taking their pets to the vet or groomer.

These blankets are useful, sure, but what about if you are looking for a beach blanket and have certain criteria in mind? What if you want a blanket that is large enough for your family to sit on but will not be too bulky to pack up at the end of the day? Is your main concern that a beach blanket should be waterproof? Below you will find a list of what we consider to be the top 10 best beach blankets of 2020. We spent quite a bit of time trying to pick which beach blankets and beach mats would be included on our list. Any list that claims to have the top 10 best of anything should be able to deliver on that promise.

Our Beach Blanket Reviews

 Mexican Blanket, Premium Falsa Blanket 

Made for indoor/outdoor use, this Falsa blanket is a versatile companion. The soft texture makes it extra comfy to lie on, or to use a blanket on a chilly night. You can hand wash or machine wash your Falsa blanket, though the latter method means it will get softer and fuller with each wash. We suggest doing that if you love an especially soft blanket to cover yourself with or to lie down on.

• Size: This blanket measures 74 in X 51 in (that is the average size – these are handmade so there is likely some variation in actual size)
• Material: This is made with recycled materials (a blend of 80% acrylic, 10% cotton, and 10% polyester).
• Extras: None

  • • Your purchase helps support artisans and their families and villages, not just a corporation. • Multipurpose – this blanket is versatile enough to go from home to beach to hiking, and can
  • even be used as a table cloth for a picnic.
  • • So many colors and patterns too choose from – you are bound to find something that catches your eye!
  • • This blanket is not waterproof.
  • • It is not Fair Trade certified (from the reply given to this question from a customer, it sounds as though the company is working on getting that certification). If you are trying to stick with products that have this certification, it is better to skip this one.
  • • This is a bit too bulky for use as a baby sling if that is something you were considering. Even products that are claimed to be “multipurpose” have their limits.


Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blankets

It’s like the “Supersize Me” version of a beach blanket! This beauty is big enough for 7 full-grown adults to sit or lie on. It does not get hot even when sitting out in the full sun, which makes it a great choice for the beach indeed. (We still suggest bringing a beach umbrella on very clear and sunny days, though. Your skin will thank you for being so considerate.)

• Size: This blanket measures 9 ft X 10 ft. • Material: It is made of ripstop nylon.
• Extras: It comes with metal stakes to anchor it down on a windy day.

  • • For all its size, this blanket weighs a mere 14 ounces! At that weight, you might be tempted to buy more than one. Why not, when carrying them around will be little to no problem?
  • • It is water-resistant and sand proof.
  • • The attached compression sack allows this blanket to pack down into a lightweight, small, and very portable carry bag.
  • • The metal stakes act as a backup for the main anchors: 4 corner pockets that you fill with sand to anchor the blanket to the ground.
  • • This blanket requires a soft touch when cleaning: Use the gentlest cycle on your washing machine. We could not find any definite information on whether you can use regular detergent to clean it. Stick to the soft approach and get something that seems gentle enough that it will not ruin the nylon.

  • • Note that this blanket does not let sand filter through like some other blankets do. So any sand that gets on it will sit there until you brush it off or shake the blanket out. This can be a problem if you find sand especially irritating and not just a mild inconvenience.

  • • The manufacturer does not recommend that you put this blanket in the dryer at all. So you will need to have a spot set aside for it to air dry (though it dries fast so you should not have to wait long). If you have a clothesline, just drape the blanket over that and leave it to dry.



WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket

Another super-sized blanket, this one would be a fine choice for a trip to the beach, to take on a picnic, or for use on a camping trip. Like the Wekapo blanket, it is large enough to fit up to seven people. Leave those beach chairs and extra beach blankets at home because you are not going to need any of them!

• Size: It measures 9 ft x 10 ft.
• Material: It is constructed from ripstop nylon.
• Extras: WELLAX includes a waterproof case that fits all smartphones up to 6’’in diagonal size. The case is a snap-and-lock one with dual-side transparent windows allowing full access to touchscreen functions. Yes, this means you can take pictures without taking your phone out of the case.

  • • The 4 corner pockets can be filled with rocks or sand to hold the blanket in place.
  • • There are 4 metal stakes incorporated in the blanket for extra security on windy days.
  • • The compressible travel pouch helps you pack the blanket down to a mere 4” x 8” for easy storage and carrying.
  • • No-Risk purchase – If you are not satisfied with the blanket, tell WELLAX and they will replace or refund it with no questions asked.
  • • This blanket is water-resistant, NOT waterproof. Water will soak through if left on it long enough and you will get wet if you place the blanket over wet ground and sit down on it.
  • • Like the Wekapo blanket, this one does not let sand filter through. You will need to brush the sand off or shake the blanket out thoroughly before storing it.
  • • Maintenance-wise, this blanket can be machine washed, but it must be left to air dry.


ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket Mat Waterproof Extra Large

This is the first beach blanket on our list that is composed of more than one layer, which makes it a bit more versatile than you might expect at first glance. It is great for tailgating, picnics on the grass, and

other outdoor activities. It is proof that having multiple layers does not mean you have to sacrifice portability: The lightweight design means you can easily roll it up and carry it around.

• Size: It comes in two sizes – 60 in x 80 in and 80 in x 80 in.
• Materials: The top layer is fleece, the middle is 2mm sponge, and the bottom is made of PVC • Extras: None

  • • The triple-layer construction means this blanket is sturdy and comfortable.
  • • It is waterproof thanks to the PVC bottom layer. It is also sand-proof, so sand will not collect as it does on a regular cloth beach blanket. A good shake or two and the sand comes out!
  • • This is an easy blanket to clean. You can just wipe spills off with a tissue. You can wash it by hand or in a machine if you need to get it very clean.
  • • If you wash it in a washing machine, you must use the gentlest cycle available.
  • • Due to its size and construction, it can be a little hard to fold. You may need to practice a few times before you get the hang of it.
  • • This is another blanket that has no stakes or anchor pockets to weigh it down in windy weather. We suspect that the weight of the blanket is supposed to be enough to keep it from being blown away. We know that this is not an expectation grounded in reality.



MIU COLOR Large Waterproof Outdoor Picnic Blankets

Large enough to hold two people lying down and another 4 people sitting upright, this picnic blanket still has plenty of room to hold your picnic basket plus whatever goodies you take out to enjoy. While the PVC backing makes this a great outdoors blanket, it is also suitable for indoor use. You can even use it as a seat cover.

• Size: This picnic blanket measures 80” x 60”.
• Material: The top is made of polyester and the bottom layer is made of PVC. • Extras: None

  • • The blanket is durable and waterproof.
  • • It is fairly easy to clean, though if a stain has penetrated the material you may need to scrub a little to get it out.
  • • It is lightweight (2.5 pounds) despite its size.

  • • This picnic blanket is not machine washable and you cannot put in the dryer. • There is no padding, though customers say it is still comfortable to sit on.
  • • The blanket has no stakes or anchor pockets to secure it if there is a lot of wind.


ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket Sand Proof Magic Sandless Sand Dirt & Dust

This unusual blanket is composed of two layers of mesh, which makes it very lightweight. The design allows sand particles, dirt and dust to filter through the top layer and the bottom layer prevents sand from coming up underneath. Magic indeed! It would be great for hiking, fishing, open-air events, and more.

• Size: It comes in either 79” x 57” or 79” x 79”.
• Material: This is made of Advanced Polyester Fiber • Extras: It comes with a carrying bag.

  • • The mat has 4 metal stakes included which you can use to anchor it to the ground. A very good thing since this mat is composed entirely of a polyester mesh without any heavier materials to give it extra weight.
  • • Two different sizes mean you can pick the one which is big enough for your needs. • Durable and lightweight, it is easy to fold or stuff into the carrying bag.
  • • It is machine washable.
  • • The mesh itself is not very comfortable to sit on, so you should bring a blanket or towel to place over it.
  • • If you put it in the dryer, you must use the delicate cycle. Anything stronger will cause the mesh to tear.
  • • Depending on how coarse or fine the sand on the beach is, you may still find some filtering through and getting on you. Well, no one said this blanket was perfect at preventing sand from completely ruining your day.



Elite Trend Microfiber Beach Towel for Travel

Microfiber items can be found everywhere these days, so it is no surprise that there is a microfiber beach towel available. This is lightweight, soft to the touch, and dries quickly. This oversized towel is great for all ages and comes in a wide variety of colorful designs.

• Size: The available sizes are – 71” x 31”, 78” x 35”, 63” x 31”, 72” x 72”
• Material: The towel is composed of microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)

• Extras: Each towel comes with a zipper bag to keep valuables safe.

  • • This towel dries FAST! Maybe we should amend that to “VERY FAST!” Microfiber dries about 3 times faster than cotton. No need to worry about packing a soaking wet towel into your bag at the end of the day.
  • • Since it dries so fast, there is little to no chance for bacteria to grow and thus little to no odor. • Despite the large size, the towel is very light to carry.
  • • 30 Day Return Policy: If you are not completely satisfied with your towel, you can return it. You will get your money back with no questions asked.

  • • Make no mistake – it dries fast, but that does not mean the towel is anything close to waterproof.
  • • The colors can bleed out and stain even if you wash the towel before using it (this may be a manufacturing fault). Be cautious when using this as a seat cover, especially if it will be making contact with wet swimsuits or a wet dog.
  • • It should be obvious but we will say it here and now: Do not use bleach when washing this towel. Do not use fabric softener either, as this will affect how well the towel works over time. This blanket needs special care if you want to keep it in good shape.


Picnic Outdoor Blanket Park Blanket Beach Mat for Camping

This blanket can be used for far more than picnics and it is comfy to sit on. It can be a carpet for your tent when you are camping, a play mat for your children or pets, or you can use it as a place to put your sleeping bag for a night spent sleeping under the stars. We think it would also be great to use for a midday nap in the shade after working hard all morning.

• Size: It measures 59” x 60”.
• Material: Top is woven acrylic, foam layer in the middle, and the bottom is made of PEVA. • Extras: None

  • • You can just shake it to get rid of sand, and spills can be spot cleaned.
  • • It comes with a handle and velcro fasteners so you can roll or fold it up into a small tote for transporting.
  • • It is durable and waterproof thanks to the PEVA backing. No worries about getting a wet bottom when sitting on wet grass, or wet sand.
  • • After reading what other people had to say, including the manufacturer, it seems it is best to assume this blanket is not machine washable. Hand washing may be the safest method.
  • • It is not a very thick blanket despite the layer of foam in the middle. Do not purchase if you are looking for something with more padding.
  • • There is no way to anchor it down in a strong wind. You would need to add loops or pockets yourself, or you can give this blanket a miss.


El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket Colorful 51in x 74in Studio Mexican Falsa

Another blanket that is eco-friendly and pretty to look at! Hand-woven in Mexico, this makes a very good yoga blanket. It would also make an attractive addition to your home as a throw blanket, a bedspread for a twin bed, or as a wall decoration.

• Size: The blanket measure 51 in x 74 in. • Material: Recycled Material (Acrylic)
• Extras: None

  • • Soft to the touch, good quality
  • • Several customers’ cats and dogs have given this their seal of approval. So hey, maybe this would be a great pet blanket too!
  • • Since these blankets are handmade, your purchase supports the artisans who weave them, not just a faceless corporation.

  • • Bear in mind that this style of blanket is not as tightly woven as others are. The looser weave means it is prone to wearing out a little faster.
  • • With the previous point in mind, you will need to exercise care when washing. Use cold water, set your machine to the delicate/bulky cycle, and dry on low.
  • • It may not be suitable for people who are allergic to acrylic or other materials used to make the blanket.
  • • It is not waterproof or sand proof, and we would advise against using it on very rough terrain (see above note about the loose weave).


WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

While not as big as some other blankets on this list, the Sand Escape Beach Blanket is nonetheless significantly larger than average. It is durable and breathable, and sand will not stick to it. A quick shake and the blanket is sand-free and ready to be stowed away! The four anchor pockets can be filled

with sand, rocks, or whatever other material you can find that is heavy enough to weigh the blanket down.

• Size: 9 ft x 7 ft
• Material: This is made of 100% Parachute Nylon
• Extras: There are extra pockets integrated into the design so you can store things like sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • • It is machine washable. Use a gentle detergent and wash the blanket in cold water, but hang it up to dry. Nylon is tough but if you treat it too roughly when cleaning you can damage the fabric and this will affect the blanket’s performance.
  • • This beach blanket is quite durable, being made from parachute nylon.
  • • There is an integrated compression sack that allows you to pack the blanket down to a compact, very portable and lightweight size.
  • • It stays fairly cool even when the sand under it is hot.

  • • This blanket is water-resistant, not waterproof, so we do not suggest using it on wet ground for long periods.
  • • Be careful when using things like suntan lotion before lying down or sitting on the blanket. The material can become stained and that stain may not ever come out.
  • • Despite its performance on hot sand, we do not think it would be wise to use this on asphalt or concrete. Those surfaces are very hard and this blanket is thin. It would not be comfortable to sit on.