What Is The Difference Between Beach Canopy And Beach Tent?

This is the question that almost everyone asks because of the same looks. Talking about Beach Canopy, most of the beach canopies cover shorter areas and you can’t stay in the canopy for even a single night because of no proper walls. Most of the canopies are ideal for spending a sunny time on the beach because they can’t tolerate extreme windy conditions. Most of the people don’t know how to anchor a canopy on the beach. Every normal size canopy comes with anchor corners for anchoring a canopy with any heavy thing or rock. More compact beach canopy means less installation time.

If we talk about Beach Tents, they are ideal for long trips where you can spend your night in these tents. Beach tent covers more area and protects more than any beach canopy. Unlike beach canopy, it takes more than 1 person to set up a tent and it takes more time. The sturdiness of the tent is more than any kind of beach canopy and that’s the reason that you can’t spend your nights in beach canopies. So, by look, both beach canopy and beach tent are the same but both are different when it comes to size, area, and durability. So, either you buy beach canopy or a beach tent, it’s a matter of choice.

What Beach Canopy Size Do I Need?

The size of the beach canopy depends on your family size. If you have a family of 2-3 people, 9×9 size canopy would be enough for you to sit and relax with your family under that canopy. The canopy with 9×9 or less size is the easiest beach canopy to install in a few seconds. You can have a smaller beach umbrella tent canopy for 1-2 people or your baby. Beach canopy for babies is available in different sizes but make sure that it should be a waterproof beach canopy. Large beach canopy of 11×11 ft or 12×12 beach canopy would be enough to cover 4-5 people or even more.

Beach wedding canopy is ideal for those who want to host a little wedding ceremony on the beach or any other place. 10×30 is the best size for you to host any wedding party in a waterproof and wind-resistant beach canopy. White beach canopy is what most of the people prefer for hosting wedding functions. Canopy beach chairs inside that specific wedding canopy will give a proper wedding feel in a refreshing outdoor environment. In the end, the size of the beach canopy depends on the number of people.

Types of the Best Beach Canopies. What to Expect?

By look, every canopy looks the same but actually, they are not that much same. We differentiate canopies in 3 further types and each type is different from the other one. Confused? Let’s have a deep look at these three types of beach canopies.

  • Pole Canopies
  • Frame Canopies
  • Pop-up Canopies

Pole Canopies

As name telling itself, these sorts of canopies can be set up using poles only. Center pole and side poles give that support to the canopy to stand on the beach or any other place. Pole canopy is easy to install and it takes less time to build the whole canopy structure using poles. It is very easy to assemble a pole canopy that even one person can set up this beach canopy.

The good thing about such canopies is that they are cheaper and can easily be carried in any wheeled bag or by hand. The sensitive thing about Pole canopy is that you must place poles in a balanced way to avoid any damage or fall. Sometimes the center pole of this canopy hides the view and that what irritates most of the people.

Frame Canopies

Comparing Frame canopies with pole ones, frame canopies are like a framed structure without any separate poles. There is no concept of center poles in the frame canopy and there is not any kind of obstruction. It takes a team of professionals to set up a frame canopy because it takes skills and more time to get frame canopy in the structure form. 

Frame canopies are ideal for weddings, graduation, and party sort of gatherings. These types of canopies are not cheaper but give a sturdy and complete house-like feel. There are more pieces of equipment and components involved in the installation of a frame canopy. One person can’t set up this frame tent canopy on his own because it takes a team to install a frame tent on any area.

Pop up Canopies

Pop up canopy tent for the beach is best for every single person who wants to set up things quickly. If you want a smart and lightweight outdoor beach canopy, there is nothing better than a pop-up canopy. These pop up canopies take less time to set up as compared to frame canopies. 

If we talk about materials, aluminum poles are getting used in both frames and pop up canopies but the fabric material of both is different. The durable vinyl is getting used in frame canopies whereas lightweight polyester is used in the fabric for pop up canopies. Pop up canopies are easy to install within a few mins, so you don’t have to ask professionals to set up a canopy for you.

No matter which type of canopy you buy, you can decorate every beach canopy according to your preferences. You can place banners of your brands or wedding function, you can get an interior decoration for your canopy so it is all in your control.

How to Choose the Best Beach Canopy Shelter – Buying Guide

Everyone wants to buy the best canopy for beach use but some of us won’t care about the brand, size, quality and different parameters of a beach canopy. From health to safety, size to material, every factor plays a very important role when it comes to buying a canopy tent beach. Best beach canopy reviews might vary depending on the experience of the users in different scenarios but some things are compulsory to notice. Let’s have a look at all those things that we must consider before buying any beach sun canopy.

Type- As we have discussed man 3 types of the canopy, deciding a canopy’s type is important for you. Like if you want to stay for a longer time with lots of people then a small pop up beach canopy doesn’t suit you at all. OR If you are looking forward to setting up a wedding event then there is nothing better than a big beach canopy with a framed structure. If you are alone then pop up canopy is the best choice for you in terms of easy installation.

Size- 9×9 size beach canopy for 7-8 people doesn’t make sense at all. The size rule of any beach canopy is simple, more people mean bigger canopy. One beach canopy that is portable and lightweight would be more than enough for any single person. So, make sure that either the canopy you are going to buy covers your family or not. Canopies are available in numerous sizes so analyze your needs, plan and then finalize which canopy would be suitable for you.

Material- Everyone wants to buy a beach canopy with durable and high-quality material. You would have noticed that some canopy products were made up of materials like 150D or 500D. D reflects the thickness and quality of the fabric. So, if you want to buy a solid and heavy duty beach canopy then go for 500D or 600D. The advantage of high-quality material is that it protects your skin against harmful UV rays. Canopy tent stakes should be of aluminum because it weighs less than the steel. So, high quality fabric and aluminum material is the best combination you can have in any beach canopy.

Ease Of Set Up- No one wants to waste their time on the lengthy and difficult installation of the canopy on the beach. It is recommended to buy that beach canopy that can be set up easily without requiring any professional skills or knowledge. Most of the beach canopies do take 1 or 2 minutes to set up but canopies with more sidewalls take a bit more time. One man set up is the best option you can have because in most of the canopies it takes one individual to set up a whole canopy within a few seconds.

Seam Construction- Construction of a beach canopy should be solid. No one would want its canopy to fall down during any family gathering or event on the beach. We all know that the flow of air on the beach might be very high sometimes so the structure of canopy matters in such places. It doesn’t matter which type of canopy you buy, the construction of that canopy must be sealed and durable enough to stand against extreme windy conditions. Any pop up canopy with a strong and sturdy structure is the best wind resistant beach canopy to buy.

Weight- Some people get irritated from heavyweights of canopies, canopies must be lightweight and portable. The weight of the canopy varies depending on the material used in the beach canopy. Canopies with aluminum material will weigh more than the steel ones. Aluminum canopy means the best lightweight beach canopy which is easy and simple to handle. Steel canopies might be heavier but they stay sturdy and solid in the tough weather conditions. So, if you are all alone, it’s recommended to buy an aluminum lightweight canopy for yourself 

Sidewalls- Sidewalls are like protection in any beach canopy. Beach tents are supposed to be covered from every side because people use tents for spending nights as well. On the other hand, all canopies don’t come with sidewalls because they are made for spending time on the beach in sunny weather. That doesn’t mean that canopies don’t come in sidewalls, they do come in different sizes and different styles with inclusion of side walls. If you are looking forward to hosting a meeting or any event on the beach, beach canopy with sides is what you need.

UV Rating- Everyone has the right to enjoy their time with family on the beach in a safe and healthy environment. Beach canopy UV protection is very important in order to protect your skin from getting burnt. UV Rays of sun are harmful for our skin, some canopies come with UV protection for protecting your skin from dangerous sun rays. You should buy a beach canopy with UPF50+ fabric protection which protects you from 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Every beach canopy for sale is not UV protected so make sure to buy a beach canopy having UV protection.

Accessories- Without accessories, setting up a beach canopy is impossible. You have to make sure that the canopy you are going to purchase comes up with all the required accessories or not. The wheeled bag is the primary item that is required for holding almost every type of beach canopy tent. Stakes, ropes, and frames are like basic accessories required for installing almost every kind of beach canopy. Beach canopy anchors must be there to let you anchor the whole canopy with any heavy material or rock.

Final Thoughts on Beach Canopy

We have discussed some of the best beach canopies that you can buy for spending a quality and memorable time on the beach. Pop up canopies are one of the best canopies in the market that every one of you must buy. These canopies don’t take a lot of time especially smaller ones and it is very easy to hold and handle such canopy. One person can easily set up any portable pop up canopy within 1 minute without asking for help from professionals or any team. A good canopy for the beach trip can make your time more exciting and relaxed.

The concept of UV protection in most of the canopies is amazing because the safety of the skin is the top most priority of every canopy brand. Canopies have made the process of organizing events and gatherings very easy and simple like never before. We have got to know that frame canopies are better than pop up canopies for any wedding function or any other ceremony. Setting up canopies is not rocket science, all you have to do is to take out the accessories from the wheeled bag, set up a canopy and you are ready to host any wedding or any gathering right on the beach. 

We have noticed that we can use sun shade beach canopy in day time but can’t spend nights under that canopy. Most of the people prefer high wind beach canopy to prevent any kind of breakage or fall during heavy wind attacks. High quality and water-resistant fabric are required in terms of staying dry in rainy weather. The structure of the canopy should be sturdy and well balanced so it can stand against the heavy wind on the beach. In the end, every person has different needs, so it’s all up to you that which type of beach canopy suits you better according to your requirements.