Sunbathing and relaxing on the beach is one of the most popular ways of spending the holidays. No wonder! It is hard to resist those carefree pleasures coming from the warm sand and crystal-clear seawater. When going to the beach, take things that will enrich your ultimate bliss, but also protect your health from the effects of excessive exposure to harmful sunlight.

So, what do you need? Here’s the list!

UV filter cream, sun lotion

Creams and lotions with UV filters protect the body skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure. When choosing the right cream, it should be indicated that it particularly protects both against UVA and UVB rays.

The height of the filter should depend on the type of skin whether you quickly get tanned (or red) or you need some time to get the color – but the bigger the filter, the better for your health and for the skin. Remember that your skin is aging quicker when influenced by the sunlight. It is best to choose a cream or lotion with at least a filter of 30SPF. During your stay on the beach, you should apply cream and lotion several times to provide constant protection.


Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful effects of radiation. The best sunglasses are those that restrict the eye’s access not only to visible light but also to the ultraviolet. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, look for those that also protect your eyes from UV rays.

Hat, cap or scarf on the head

It is unquestionable. You have to put on some kind of protection on your head if you spend hours at the sun. A hat, cap or scarf protect from overheating, which can eventually lead to sunstroke. Older people and children are most likely to suffer from sunstroke so, do not forget to properly protect their heads.

Beach clothes, flipflops, towel

When you are at the beach, you expect fantastic weather all the time, but sometimes it can get a bit colder and for that moment, it is good to have anything else to put on like a long-sleeved shirt or and a pair of shorts. Also, remember about comfortable shoes to walk freely on the sand. I always take flipflops because they are comfy and put me straight away in a summer mood. The rule for beach towels: the bigger and more colourful the better. A colourful and large towel will make us easier to locate in the crowd.

Water supply

In order to prevent dehydration of the organism, you should have a supply of something to drink – preferably in this case check mineral water or, for example, unsweetened, cold green tea. We can cool the beverage at home and then pour it into the thermos – so the beverage will keep its refreshing temperature for longer.

To enjoy your beach holiday, take your favorite books and newspapers you have never had time to read. If you want to challenge yourself a bit, get crosswords and playing cards, they are both perfect for a long day relax on the beach. Staying on the beach is not only an opportunity to catch the sun but also to have great fun. Play games on the sand and in the water. There are plenty of them. My propositions? Beach volleyball, frisbee, badminton and water polo.