The 13 Best Offset Patio Umbrellas – 2020 Reviews & Guide

A patio is a lovely feature for a home to have. It provides a spot for you to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your yard, with all the comforts of home just a short walk away. You can host a cocktail party on your patio, or a game night with friends and family. How about a book club meeting on a nice, bright day when you can discuss and argue the merits of the latest releases over your favorite refreshments?

Here is the thing: Patios are fine by themselves, but they’re even better if you have an umbrella to offer shady, cool protection from the sun. You could pick up one of those umbrellas that fit through a hole in your patio table if your table is designed to hold an umbrella, but what do you do when that is not an option? Maybe your patio table, or tables (nothing wrong with having more than one if you have plenty of room and you make use of them), don’t have center holes to fit an umbrella through. Maybe you want to skip the hassle of trying to get the umbrella pole through that hole in the table and into the stand (we don’t blame you).

The solution is an offset patio umbrella. This is an umbrella that comes with a stand and can be set up next to your patio table. It may not offer complete coverage, but it comes very close and is easier to take down for disassembling and storage than an in-table umbrella. We know you don’t want just any old offset umbrella, though – you want one that’s just right for you. To that end, we have put together a list of 13 offset patio umbrellas we consider to be the best choices for 2020.

Our Reviews for the Best Patio Umbrellas

Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor Patio

This offset umbrella sets the bar high (and since it’s first on our list, why shouldn’t it?). The canopy’s size means it provides a large amount of shade, it’s easy enough to assemble, and it is pretty sturdy overall. With its 5-position tilt function, you can adjust this umbrella to whichever position will provide the best coverage.

  • Material: Post-consumer recycled polyester, steel
  • Size: Height – 8.8 feet; Canopy – 8ft x 10 ft
  • Submersible: No


  • The canopy has a vent at the top for better airflow.
  • The crank mechanism to open and close the umbrella is easy to use and no one has reported having trouble with it.
  • There are screws included for securing the base to your deck so it doesn’t get knocked over.

  • At 62 lbs some people will find it a bit heavy to manage.

  • It only tilts. It doesn’t rotate.
  • If you don’t want to use the screws, you will need to buy weights for the stand separately.


ABCCANOPY Patio Umbrellas Cantilever Umbrella Offset Hanging Umbrellas


The 10ft-wide canopy offers a lot of shade and protection from the sun. This cantilever umbrella comes in a variety of colors so you can pick one that goes best with your outdoor furniture. It’s easy to assemble, too!

  • Material: 200g anti-UV polyester, powder-coated steel
  • Size: Canopy size is 10 ft, the stand is 8ft tall from base to top
  • Submersible: No
  • At 31 pounds, this one should be much easier to manage during assembly for most people.

  • It opens and closes with an easy-to-use crank handle.
  • This one also comes with screws for securing the base to a deck.
  • Because it is lighter, this umbrella will be more easily blown over by wind if not secured to a deck or weighed down.
  • Another one that doesn’t come with weights included.
  • At least one or two people have reported that this lighter umbrella doesn’t fare well in windy conditions: Besides getting knocked over, the stand bends too easily.


Grand patio Deluxe Napoli 11 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella

You thought 10 feet was a great size for a patio umbrella? How about one that measures 11 feet? With its graceful curved stand and fade-resistant canopy, this umbrella adds a touch of elegance to your patio or poolside area.

  • Material: 240g fade-resistant UV-protection polyester, powder-coated aluminum
  • Size: Canopy measures 11 ft wide; the stand measures about 8 ft tall.
  • Submersible: No
  • The stand has hidden wheels to make moving the umbrella around easier. No more dragging your umbrella to where it needs to go! Your back and arms will thank you for sparing them so much pain.

  • It can be adjusted up to 90 degrees for the best coverage.
  • There are safety bars under the base to provide more stability on uneven ground. There’s an adjustment mechanism to ensure you get the best fit.

  • The umbrella and base are shipped separately.

  • You will need to weigh the stand down yourself with water and/or sand, as advised by the manufacturer.
  • The umbrella is light enough that it can get blown around by a mild wind – make sure you add plenty of weight to the base so that it will stay still.


Abba Patio Outdoor Patio Umbrella 9-Feet Aluminum Market

This is the classic patio umbrella: simple and stylish. It’s sturdy, easy to put together, and the canopy is vented for improved airflow. It’s opened via a crank, but to tilt it and set it at an angle, use the push button on the pole.

  • Material: Post-consumer recycled Polyester, Aluminum, steel
  • Size: Canopy is 9 ft wide. From bottom to top the umbrella measures about 8 ft tall.
  • Submersible: No
  • This is a simple, no-fuss umbrella that gets the job done.

  • The canopy is fade-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof.
  • At 16.4 pounds, this one is a breeze to put together and stand up.

  • The stand is sold separately, so be prepared to shell out a bit more to make sure you have all the parts.

  • People with a limited range of motion in their hands may find the separate crank and push-button functions a bit of a hassle.
  • Because it’s so lightweight, there is a risk of the pole getting bent by the wind, though weighing the base down should keep the umbrella from being blown over completely.


Best Choice Products 10-Foot Solar LED Offset Hanging

This one made the top 5 for more than its good looks: It comes with built-in lights! Thanks to the solar panel that fits on top of the canopy, you can charge the LED lights all day, and at night when the sun goes down, they will turn on automatically so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors without needing to fetch a lantern or two. The easy-tilt system and hand-crank let you adjust the canopy to the perfect height and angle to block the sun.

  • Material: Polyester, powder-coated metal
  • Size: Canopy measures 10 ft wide, and overall height is around 6.5 feet
  • Submersible: No
  • You don’t need an AC charger for the lights. Just make sure the solar panel is securely in place and let it do its thing.

  • Canopy material is resistant to water, UV rays, and fading so the color stays vibrant longer.
  • Easy to assemble and comes in 12 different colors so you can mix and match with your patio furniture.
  • Remember how we said this had lights that came on automatically? Don’t worry, there is an ON/OFF switch. So we guess that the lights will turn on automatically if you leave the switch set to ON while the solar panel is charging.

  • The weighted base is sturdy, but the pole leaves something to be desired as it cannot hold up to strong winds.

  • The on/off switch for the solar-powered lights is a small, red button that can be easily overlooked.
  • Several people reported that the canopy tends to spin in the wind and may even swing down and hit you in the head.


ABCCANOPY Patio Umbrellas Cantilever Umbrella Offset

This is similar to the other ABCCANOPY umbrella on our list. Except for the fact that this one comes in three different sizes. Wait . . . OK, so it is the same one, and YES, we missed the fact that this model comes in two other sizes.

  • Material: 200g polyester, powder-coated steel
  • Size: The two sizes we missed: 9 ft and 11 ft.
  • Submersible: No
  • Now that you know it’s available in two more sizes, you don’t need to worry if the 10ft canopy is too big or too small for your patio.

  • See #2 for more pros about this cantilever umbrella.
  • You’re getting about the same value for what you pay despite the difference in size.

  • Once again, sadly, these two other sizes seem susceptible to getting knocked over by strong winds.

  • Sorry, you still need to buy the weighted stand separately. We know. It is a pain.
  • Honestly, if you live where the wind tends to be strong, we suggest you look for a different umbrella.


EliteShade Sunbrella 9Ft Market Umbrella Patio Outdoor Table Umbrella with Ventilation

Another classic patio umbrella. This one has had the canopy treated so that the color will stay beautiful and vibrant for 5 years, according to the manufacturer. Like many patio umbrellas, it is available in a variety of colors to choose from.

  • Material: 100% Acrylic, powder-coated aluminum
  • Size: Canopy is 9 feet wide and overall height is 8.1 feet.
  • Submersible: No
  • Sunbrella material is known for its durability, so the canopy itself should last for a long time.

  • The acrylic canopy provides 98% protection from UV rays and is water-repellent.
  • It doesn’t weigh a lot so assembly won’t be hampered by repeated attempts to avoid losing control of a heavy part.

  • The aluminum frame doesn’t hold up to strong winds as well as a heavier frame would.
  • There have been several reports of the item’s quality being questionable or downright cheap. We are not sure if this is due to manufacturing problems or if the seller was lying about what they shipped out to customers.
  • People with a limited range of motion in their hands may find the separate crank and push-button tilt mechanisms a little hard to use.


Best Choice Products 10-Foot Offset Hanging Aluminum

This is similar to the other Best Choice patio umbrella, but it comes without the LED lights. It is the same overall design otherwise. If you would rather skip the solar panel because you don’t want to deal with an extra part or you like to use lanterns or candles (we won’t deny that they add a special touch to an outdoor party or cookout at night), try this umbrella.

  • Material: Polyester, Powder-coated metal
  • Size: Canopy measures 10 ft wide, and the overall height is 6.5 ft.
  • Submersible: no
  • You can use the same base that is suggested for the model with LED lights.

  • It has the same features as the other umbrella, except for the lights.
  • Just as lightweight, coming in at 14 pounds, and easy to assemble.

  • Due to it being lightweight, we are sure this one also carries the risk of being bent or knocked over by a strong wind.

  • This one is not UV-treated, so bear that in mind if you live where there is a lot of sunlight every day.
  • It has the same tendency as the other Best Choice umbrella to spin and otherwise move when caught in a strong wind.


PURPLE LEAF 9 Feet Double Top Deluxe Patio Umbrella

This cantilever umbrella covers a lot of ground and would be more than adequate for home or commercial use. It would look great next to a pool! It comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • Material: Polyester, powder-coated aluminum, alloy steel
  • Size: Canopy is 9 ft x 9 ft, and at the pole’s highest setting the overall height is around 9-10 feet.
  • Submersible: no
  • Like the EliteShade Sunbrella, this one is UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and water-repellent.

  • Double-top design for basic heat and wind venting.
  • The same crank that raises and lowers the canopy also pulls out and slips into a different hole so it can be rotated.

  • You have to purchase the base separately and it needs to be one that can be weighted down.
  • At 67 pounds, you would think this was too heavy for a stiff wind to ruin, but that is not the case according to some customers. It’s heavy enough to be troublesome for people who are not able to lift a lot of weight.
  • Some people have reported being sent an octagonal umbrella instead of the square or rectangular one shown in the product description. This may be due to ordering from a third-party seller since we can’t imagine that the manufacturer would want to risk making a lot of customers unhappy.


PURPLE LEAF 12 Feet Double Top Round Deluxe Patio Umbrella

  • Material:
  • Size: Canopy is 12 ft in diameter, and the overall height seems to be close to that of the other PurpleLeaf umbrella.
  • Submersible: no
  • Bigger canopy = more shade! This is perfect for large outdoor areas that get lots of sunlight.

  • This one is also fade-resistant, water-repellent, and UV-resistant.
  • All the same features as the previous umbrella.

  • Given the bigger canopy, we would be wary of leaving this open when it’s windy. Bigger umbrellas, unless weighed down and constructed to withstand lots of wind, act like the sails on a ship.

  • It weighs more (69 pounds), likely due to the size of the canopy. This one isn’t for people who can’t lift much weight either.
  • Another one that doesn’t have the stand included. For the sake of security, we highly suggest you buy the heavy-duty stand that you can fill with sand.


ABCCANOPY 9FT Patio Umbrella Ourdoor Solar Umbrella LED Umbrellas with 32LED Lights

This is smaller than the other ABCCANOPY patio umbrella on our list. On the upside, it features LED lights so that even after the sun goes down, you can keep on talking and partying! And yes, there is an ON/OFF button and the solar charger is included.

  • Material: 200g polyester, aluminum, steel
  • Size: Canopy measures 9ft in diameter and the overall height is 7.8 ft.
  • Submersible: No
  • 12 different colors available – you are bound to find one that you like.

  • Like the other ABCCANOPY umbrella, this one also features a UV-, water-, and fade-resistant canopy.
  • Lightweight, great for smaller patios and backyards.

  • To make the most of this umbrella, you will need to order the recommended heavy-duty stand separately.

  • Per the manufacturer, sometimes the connection between the solar panel and the umbrella doesn’t work well. You will need to unscrew the panel to check that the plug is connected and is not damaged. Otherwise, the lights won’t work.
  • The tilt mechanism seems to be very fragile. People report that it has stopped working after the umbrella fell over or after just one or two uses.


HASLE OUTFITTERS Offset Patio Umbrella 10FT Cantilever Umbrella

This is a fairly basic outdoor umbrella. No solar-powered lights here. Who needs extras like that when this umbrella fulfills its main job very well, namely blocking the sun and creating a cool, shady spot to sit?

  • Material: Polyester, powder-coated steel
  • Size: Canopy measures 10 ft in diameter and the overall height is 8 ft.
  • Submersible: No
  • Easy to put together.

  • The canopy is fade-resistant and offers some degree of UV protection.
  • It can be tilted vertically to provide just the right amount of shade.

  • Despite the claims of “waterproof,” you may want to apply a layer of waterproofing agent yourself just in case or buy a waterproof cover.

  • This one scores low in the “sturdiness” category.
  • Customers have reported being shipped their umbrellas without screws for anchoring it to a deck or patio. Contact the manufacturer if this happens.


Abba Patio 9 by 12-Feet Rectangular Offset Cantilever Umbrella

It would be fine for commercial or residential use. Customers gave it a decent rating on sturdiness and ease of assembly. A decent, basic patio umbrella.

  • Material: Post-consumer recycled polyester, powder-coated aluminum, steel
  • Size: Canopy is 9 ft x 12 ft. The overall height is 8.8 ft.
  • Submersible: no
  • Eco-friendly materials (see above)
  • Simple hand crank and slide-and-lock mechanisms for operating the umbrella.
  • Dual vents for improved airflow and stability.

  • At the lowest position, the umbrella does not provide shade directly beneath the canopy. This is a problem if your deck or patio is elevated and you want to block the sun from certain angles.

  • The crank can be hard to move if you’re not very strong.
  • You’ll need to measure the deck or patio area to make sure you have enough room – this umbrella takes up a lot of space.
  • The base has to be bought separately, or you can do what some have done and get pavers from your local home improvement store. You may end up saving money by going with the second option, and there are how-to videos online which can help you figure out how to construct your DIY base.