The first time you take your baby to the beach should be an exciting time for everyone, including your baby who will be, for the first time, undergoing a wonderful sensory experience through the sound of the waves, other children laughing and playing, and the texture of the sand itself. The one thing you cannot risk doing is turning this day out into a stressful one that revolves around your obsession with protecting your little one from the sun, as that can be resolved in one fell swoop.

UV baby beach tent

Just about every kid in the world loves going to the beach to have a bit of fun, but unfortunately, kids don’t realise how much damage the sun can do to their skin while at the beach. One way to make sure that your kids don’t get sunburnt from the sun’s harmful rays is by purchasing a kids beach tent. This will give your child a place to get some shade away from the sun while they’re at the beach. Here are some features that you might want to look for when searching for a kids beach tent.

We all know how much mess kids can cause at times, and this is why you should try to get a tent that has easy to wipe surfaces. You don’t want to be spending a lot of time cleaning the tent while you’re at the beach, right? Thankfully you won’t have to spend much time cleaning the tent if it has an easy to wipe the surface, even if your child makes a huge mess!

UV Protection

When you’re looking for a kids beach tent you really need to make sure that it has strong UV protection such as SPF 50. Children’s skin is much more sensitive to the sun’s rays than adults skin, so this is essential. However, don’t forget that using suncream will still be needed to make sure that your child is protected from the sun’s rays.

Mesh Windows

If you’re worried about your child getting too warm in their kids beach tent then we’d definitely recommend that you get a tent with mesh windows on it. This allows some air to come into the tent to cool the kids down while not allowing other things like sand to get blown in.